We shape and share the story of WashU in ways that capture the hearts and minds of our key stakeholders. Through words and images we distinguish WashU as a place where people matter and serious work is done.

  • We provide trusted counsel and creative solutions to further the university’s mission.
  • We collaborate, drawing on a diverse range of talent and supporting the best ideas, from wherever they may come.
  • We plan ahead to meet demand, seize opportunities, and minimize institutional risk.
  • We produce work that is both innovative and consistently high quality, establishing best practices across campus and in our field.

Our highest priority areas of focus:

  • Pursuing high-impact communications efforts that support WashU’s strategic priorities.
  • Encouraging and supporting innovation, experimentation and creative risk-taking.
  • Elevating the quality and impact of our storytelling to build greater excitement, investment in and admiration for WashU’s distinctive contribution to society.
  • Strengthening collaboration across campus and within Public Affairs and, through that collaboration, achieving measurable, value­‐added results.
  • Developing critical infrastructure that supports high-quality strategic communication for use at Public Affairs and across the university.

Get to know us. Learn more about our team and the great work we do in partnership with many across WashU.