Leslie Gibson McCarthy

Executive News Editor

Split infinitives? Dangling participles? Hyphenated “-ly” words?

Part of my job as executive news editor is to sniff out these and other stylebook missteps in stories posted in the Newsroom of The Source — especially the serial comma (see Nappier, Terri.) All the while, I’m making sure facts are correct, subject and verb agree and names are spelled correctly. But content is king, and my main job is to help WashU tell its remarkable story across disciplines on a daily basis. I help plan and coordinate stories in the Newsroom and other Public Affairs entities through leadership of our Content Management Team; assist with the Record email; and maintain the @WUSTLNews Twitter account.

I have been a member of the Public Affairs staff since 2007, when I was hired to edit The Record when it was distributed through a strange medium called print. Prior to that, I worked at The Sporting News as a writer and editor, covering, at various times, Major League Baseball, college football and college basketball. I continue to freelance on the side, including, for the past 15 years, a weekly lifestyle column for the South County Times. There, you’ll read a lot about my family and maybe a Washington University colleague or two.