Use of Washington University in St. Louis names and images for any retail or commercial purpose, for endorsements, promotions and the like requires the written, official permission of the university. All licensed suppliers should submit artwork approvals through Workspace.

What is the most efficient way to obtain imprinted merchandise?

  1. Choose your licensed supplier.
    Contact one to three of the licensed suppliers for Washington University. These suppliers have aligned their businesses with the university’s mission to improve society through teaching and research. Recommendations for special circumstances are available from the trademark coordinator. Let these suppliers do the hard work.
  2. Find your design.
    Review and select the best solution and work with the supplier that presented it to implement your promotion or recognition. Work closely with your chosen supplier to determine a design. The Office of Public Affairs website offers ready-to-go artwork, as well as guidelines for use.
  3. Who to ask for help.
    If you or any supplier that you deal with has questions concerning the licensing program or approval of artwork, please do not hesitate to contact:

Janelle Hizer
Assistant Director, Administration and University Relations