Licensing Guidelines

The section below references specific instructions for licensed suppliers and vendors. For official colors, logos, and fonts, please visit the assets section.


Official Name

  • Washington University in St. Louis–Whenever possible the full name of the university should be used. Our name ensures that no confusion arises between Washington University in St. Louis and the many other colleges and universities whose name includes “Washington.”
  • The word “Saint” may never be substituted for the abbreviation “St.”  “St.” should always be used, and the period after “St.” is required.
  • The words “in St. Louis” should be of equal size to the words “Washington University.” If a design requires the words “in St. Louis” to be smaller, they must not be less than 25% of the size of the words “Washington University.”

Unofficial Name

  • WashU–Those who know and love us often shorten our official name to the nickname “WashU.” It reflects the friendly, personal collegiality for which we are known. When used appropriately, this nickname helps to underscore a key attribute.
  • WashU can stand alone. WashU is correctly written with a capital W and capital U, with no space between Wash and U, and without periods.
  • As we embrace WashU as an approved university nickname, we should also begin to phase out the use of past monikers (WUSTL, WU and Washington U) and replace these with WashU.
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Official Logotype

  • The official logotype of Washington University in St. Louis consists of a 3 color heraldic shield device and a formal wordmark in black. Four official configurations have been created to allow for flexibility in placing the logo on a wide variety of communications. These logos can be used on any white or light-colored background, or placed over a suitably light-colored area of a photographic background as long as it remains highly legible.
  • On a dark background, a reverse version of the logo is required, with the wordmark in white. Note the reverse version of the logo include a white outline around the 3 color shield.
  • 1-color versions of the logo are also available for appliatons when full-color printing of the logo is not possible. The 1-color logo may only appear in black, WashU red, WashU green, WashU gray or white.
  • Clear Space–When using any approved version of the logo, it is important that the area surrounding the logo remain free of type or imagery, so that nothing competes with the logo for the viewer’s attention. To ensure this, each approved version of the logo must never appear closer than the height and width of the shield to any other typography or artwork.

Additional Logos

  • University Seal–use of the official university seal is carefully restricted. It may only be used with special permission from the office of the Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs. It is reserved for formal documents such as diplomas and certificates.
  • Brookings Hall Circle–This alternative to the university seal can be used when a circular device is desired, such as promotional products.
  • WashU Informal Type Treatment–“WashU” as a moniker for the university has a long history. It’s what insiders traditionally call the university in everyday speech, and it reflects the friendly, personal collegiality for which we are known. This least formal version of the  university identity was created for applications when a more casual identifier is appropriate. It may be used when the content of the material carrying this mark is less formal, and designed for an audience that will likely recognize our nickname.
  • University Monogram–This monogram-style insignia is a historical mark that can still be seen in architectural details on campus. It is useful as a university symbol  on merchandise or other special applications.
  • Outline Shield–This variation of the logo shield has been created to allow designers the freedom to use this iconic WashU emblem with more design flexibility. It can be used in large or small sizes, cropped at the edge of a composition or as a stand-alone flourish. It can be produced in any single brand color (primary and secondary palettes). The outline shield is always a single color.  Do not attempt to fill in areas with color, or create multi-color variations. In order to maintain the integrity of the design at all sizes, the outline shield has been created in two variations: large (open) and small (solid). the difference between these is the treatment of the small stars and fluers-de-lis. When the outline shield is produced smaller than 1 inch, or in any situation that renders the outlines of these details difficult to reproduce, choose the solid version.
  • Logo Alternative for Small Areas–Wherever possible, a version of the logo should be used. In instances where the logo simply will not work due to extremely limited space, the name of the university may be substituted. Examples where this may be required are branded products such as pens, flash drives, or similar small items. In these cases, either the WashU Informal Type Treatment or the name “Washington University in St. Louis” may be used. Or if necessary, “Washington University” may appear. The logo alternative should be typeset in Libre Baskerville.
  • Athletic Logos–The WashU Bears have a long and proud tradition, and our athletic logos embody that spirit and align with overall university visual branding. We have simplified and reduced the number of approved athletic logos in order to provide clarity while still offering a variety of marks to suit many different needs.
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Official font families:

  • Libre Baskerville
  • Source Sans Pro
  • Rockwell
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Embroidery Guidelines

Minimum Stitch Counts–Substantial stitch counts are essential for a quality rendering of the logotype and outline shield. Minimum stitch counts and sizes for four selected graphics are as follows:

Two-line Horizontal Washington University Logotype, 1.26″ x 3.51″___6109 stitches

Two-line Centered Washington University Logotype, 1.88′ x 3.51″_____6173 stitches

Three-line Centered Washington University Logotype, 2.87″ x 3.5″____9124 stitches

Two-line Horizontal School of Medicine Logotype, 1.72″ x 3.79″______8629 stitches

Washington University Physicians Logotype, 2.09″ x 3.80″__________12,926 stitches

Outline Shield (closed version), 1.75″ x 1.51″_____________________4594 stitches

Colors–Embroidery colors should reflect the official WashU Colors as represented in the logotype guidelines.  For polyneon thread manufactured by Madeira, recommended embroidery colors are as follows:

  • Tan = 1927
  • Red = 1747
  • Green = 1703
  • White = 1801
  • Black = 1800

Shield–Full color embroidery of the shield is strongly recommended. If a one-color shield is desired, it must be produced in a WashU brand color:  white, black, WashU red, WashU green or WashU gray.

Pre-approved embroidery files–Detailed information is available upon request from the university’s Trademark Licensing Program regarding standardized, pre-approved digitized embroidery files already paid for by the university. Details available include logotype version, file number, size, stitch count, and steps.  Vantage is the only approved vendor for embroidering the Washington University Physician logo.

Other embroidery files–Except for the pre-approved files mentioned above, all embroidery files must be approved by the Trademark Licensing Program before production. The sewn sample (or a good electronic image of an actual sewn sample), along with the stitch count, must be submitted with any request for approval.

Employee clothing–University employee clothing is university branded clothing worn by any employee while performing a work function for the university. All employee clothing should feature the official logotype. The two-line horizontal version of the logotype is strongly recommended.

School of Medicine and Washington University Physicians— The Washington University Physicians logo must be used for all apparel and items in clinical venues. Pre-approved files are available for the School of Medicine and for Washington University Physicians. Vantage is the only approved vendor for embroidering the Washington University Physician logo. For more information, please contact the Trademark Licensing Program or the Faculty Practice Plan Communications and Marketing office, 314-747-6542.